• 45 minutes

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Family is where the heart is, which is why facing family issues may be one of the scariest, confusing and difficult things to face alone. Families consist of various personalities, with people experiencing life in various different ways. For most families it is hard to maintain a healthy environment when it feels like everyone is not on the same page. Your family may be facing - Grief /loss - Struggles getting along - Difficulty supporting a family member through a hard time - Family Trauma - Stressors from divorce/ separation - Struggles with co-parenting Agape can help your family process and reconnect. Agape can help the family create new systems and learn new skills to make the home feel like home again. You can also participate in intensive services where you invite our therapist into your home, to observe family behaviors in real time. Agape can assist you with facing family hurdles that may feel too big to do alone. Family life is often hard, but it doesn't have to be. Unresolved family issues can lead to unwanted future outcomes. Let us help

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