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  • 45 minutes

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When navigating relationships there may come a time where it starts to feel like you have lost sight of what brought you together in the first place. The connection in your relationship may feel weaker, and you are finding it hard to find peace and safety. This could cause you to feel lost, scared, confused and not so confident functioning in other areas of your life. You could be thinking. - "Will we ever get on the same page?" - " Can this ever get better?" - "Do we need to split up?" - "My partner doesn't understand me or my needs" - "Is it worth it to continue fighting for this?" - "I am tired, exhausted, and have no energy for anything else in my life" Constantly reconnecting is key to keeping a long and healthy relationship. Many things can get in the way of the connection in your relationship. We can help you identify the things keeping you from maintaining a healthy and strong connection with your partner. We do this by exploring beliefs and attitudes, problem solving and skill building. Agape is here to give you the tools to build the relationship you can be happy with. Relationships can get overwhelming, without the correct tools for success separation can feel like the only option. Let us help you.

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