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Copy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT)

  • 45 min

Service Description

You are human. It's okay to feel, it's also okay not to feel like yourself. Can you think back to a time where you felt your most energized and hopeful, where you felt your most happiest and in control? Many of us go through difficult seasons and life events that leave us, scared, worried, unsure and sad. It can get so bad that you may be having trouble concentrating at work, keeping peace within your relationships, doing the things you love to do, or even getting out of bed in the morning. You might find yourself thinking, "I am a Christian I shouldn't feel this way", "there is no point of trying anymore", "no one understands what I went through", "why is God allowing me to suffer like this", "I am alone", or "what if I never am truly happy?" These thoughts might have you feeling hopeless about the future. You may even hide the way you feel in fear of people judging you, or seeing you as "weak" mentally and spiritually. Our therapists can help you do a deep dive of these thoughts and feelings. We help by equipping you with skills to break the strongholds off your mind and free you to feel better and to find your purpose again. We can also help you look at past events from childhood or early adulthood that could be effecting you today. We help you travel back and take a look at thoughts and beliefs that were birthed from these experiences. From there, we look forward to the future and help you break those strongholds and create a new reality that helps you live better. The goal is to have you put on a new mind so you can discern the perfect will of God for your life (Romans 12:2). Struggles with mental health can leave you feeling completely hopeless and helpless, but we can help. Things can get better. You are in the right place.

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