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Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT)

  • 45 minutes

Service Description

Traumatic events can happen and sometimes stay with us throughout our lives. Are you experiencing difficulty doing everyday tasks like going to school, work, and maintaining healthy relationships? Do you find yourself being reactive, irritable, having trouble sleeping or even having uncomfortable memories randomly throughout your day? You may be thinking, "when will I feel myself again", "will I ever be able to trust again", "why is my mood always all over the place", or "will I ever have the strength to forgive"? You could be feeling like healing is close to impossible, you may have even given up on the possibility of feeling whole again. We can guide you through examining thoughts and beliefs that are making it challenging to feel like yourself. Our goal is to help you build skills to gain a new perspective on life that allows you to walk in the healing you deserve. With the help of Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT), we can utilize a structured method to confront the hurt and trauma head-on to ignite change. Our therapists will help you learn to process emotions, self soothe and create a safe emotional environment where you can finally thrive. Trauma can feel like a mountain, but with faith and hard work, we can help you move those mountains and become a better you.

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