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  • 45 minutes

Service Description

Children/Adolescents experience mental health struggles too. Most struggles with mental health begin in childhood, and create bigger issues in adult years. If you are concerned about a young person going through a hard time, and want to make sure they grow up to be healthy and happy, our therapists would love to guide them through processing and managing their feelings. You most likely are worried about what the future holds for a child struggling at such a young age. If the person on your mind is an adolescent you are probably wondering why they are so distant, or altogether different. You are hoping for a time where they can be in a better place. We can help children and adolescents from ages 4-19. We tailor treatment in a way that they can understand and participate best. We use methods like play therapy and therapeutic video games to help your child/adolescent build skills to be emotionally healthy. If action isn't taken at a young age, research shows that grave impacts will occur in adulthood. We, at Agape, can help during this difficult time to identify a hopeful future for you and your child/adolescent.

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