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  • 45 minutes

Service Description

Adults both younger and older alike are constantly facing life changes while dealing with the demands of adulthood. As an adult you may be in a place where you are realizing the effects your childhood has on your adult years. You may struggle with balancing home, work and school life, while still trying to be healthy, and spiritually aligned. Who will teach you how to navigate the heavy waves of emotions and inevitable stress? You may be: - struggling with your past and navigating how to heal from it/unlearn behavior - worried and anxious about your future - struggling with your negative self critic flooding your mind with thoughts that keep you stuck - having difficulties keeping a healthy at work, social and family life You might find yourself thinking, "will I ever be successful", "am I worthy of the love I want", "where do I find love", or "when will I ever have true joy?" Relax, you are in the right place. We can help you navigate and diagnose the problems you face, because as you may be thinking, "what is actually wrong with me", "do other people go through this?" Here at Agape, we have experience working with adults in all stages of life, from young adulthood to later years in life. We are able to guide you through education about the mind, body and spirit. You can expect us to utilize evidence-proven practices to guide you towards the life you want to live, by creating a more emotionally healthy you. God promises you an abundant life. Living in confusion and self doubt does not afford you that life. We can help.

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