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This course serves as a guide through a 7 day self-directed journey away from inner conflict and towards true inner harmony.

This course will 

  • Help you feel more confident in handling stressful situations
  • Assist you in feeling more in control of your day 
  •  Train you to learn how to rewire your mind and fix negative thinking patterns 


What Does It Contain?

  • Audio recordings
  • Visual slides
  • Journal prompts 
  • Meditations
  • Helpful resources  


"I like the breakdown of the course, like the content is good! I also like that you give the option of listening or reading the slides, I went through both but I still like that option."
"I liked it!! It was flowy and I can follow it fine. And the voices didn’t annoy me. The meditation or yours lmao cause usually some courses the people’s voices are annoying."


"It’s been tough given my schedule BUT when I get into. it definitely allows for better introspection, Weeds out the cluttered thoughts." 

Anxiety For Busy Professionals, Digital Course

$199.00 Regular Price
$99.50Sale Price
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